The Brand

Ammanatura is more than just a skincare brand, it’s a holistic journey towards a more balanced, connected and beautiful you.
Our workshop, nestled in the heart of Romania, creates handmade natural potions that bring harmony and peace to your skin and soul. With a focus on using only the finest, most sustainably sourced ingredients, our products are a love letter to nature and a reflection of our deep commitment to her well-being.

The person

Meet Vera, the passionate and talented creator behind Ammanatura. With over 15 years of experience as a hairdresser, and as a former Matrix / L’Oreal trainer, Vera has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry. But it was her deep love for nature and her desire to create products that nourished both the skin and the soul that led her to launch Ammanatura.

At a certain point in her life, Vera felt a calling to use her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world. She knew that she wanted to create a brand that not only made people feel beautiful, but also connected them to nature and their own inner selves. This passion for wellness and sustainability led her to leave her former career and dedicate herself to Ammanatura.

As you use Ammanatura products, you can feel her love and care in every ingredient and every gesture. Each product is created with a deep respect for nature, using only the finest, most sustainably sourced ingredients. Vera’s expertise in skincare, combined with her commitment to eco-friendliness, makes Ammanatura a truly unique and special brand.

Vera’s personal touch is evident in every product she creates. With a focus on balance, harmony and love, each product is infused with positive energy that you can feel every time you use it. Whether you’re struggling with stress, feeling run down, or just seeking a little self-care, Vera has crafted the perfect solution for you.
With Ammanatura, you can trust that you’re in good hands. Vera’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to creating products that are good for both you and the planet, makes Ammanatura a brand that truly stands out. So why not experience the love and care for yourself and see what Ammanatura can do for you?

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